Sunday, 27 June 2010



Hopefully you all enjoyed our most recent production, A Handy Meal. We've had some great feedback from fans thus far, so keep those comments coming.

We've also received numerous requests of late to dig out an old favourite, BALL, which was one of our earliest creations dating way back to Spring 2006. Due to financial constraints at the time, we were forced to use WMM throughout post-production. Nonetheless, it was still described by awarding winning director Brent Hedgecock as "so good, I might actually have to steal it!".

BALL tells the enchanting and winsome story of a day out between a group of friends and their pal, Michael Ball. It's short, but oh so sweet!


The Quattro

Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin

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  1. ah brent hedgecock, a coldstone legend